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by Inna Zelikson May 20, 2020

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Three Pearls is an extension of Inaya’s lifestyle in a short blog post. We will be offering snippets of little life pleasures we are marveling in right now. After all, it's all about the small things.

1. Urban Gardening

You don’t have to live in a farm house to have a beautiful garden. There’s no better time than now to plant a few plants or even herbs to brighten up your balcony or window sill. Even a few planters can significantly improve the esthetic of your space and elevate your mood. I find that it’s really nurturing to take care of my plants daily and notice all the small changes in blooms, leaves and eventually fruit.

Tips for your urban garden... 

Inna's Garden tips 

Garden in NYC

2. Pizza anyone?


My momma got a DIY PIZZA KIT from @chichos_pizza tonight for dinner! We've never done this before and it was so much fun! I was very focused and so excited... well.. because of cheese of course! AND It was a lot of fun to play with that big squishy thing in the beginning too 🤣🍕

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 Video source: @kobe_yn
Check out more videos of this adorable chef on Instagram here.

3. A quote we are loving right now 

Quotes we love 

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the small things - Inna 

Inna Zelikson
Inna Zelikson

1 Response

rosemary tanner
rosemary tanner

May 10, 2021

Love the info. from this blog, especially the quote. All so useful for the times we. are living in right now. Thanks!

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