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by Anyuta Zelikson February 05, 2016

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6 Tips to Buying a Memorable Valentine’s Day Gift

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s time to think outside the chocolate box. Don’t get us wrong – we love candy, flowers, and of course, pretty shiny things. But how do you give a truly unforgettable gift?  

This year, don’t let “You shouldn’t have” be good enough. Shoot for “You never cease to amaze me”. All it takes is some inspiration and a slightly out of the ordinary approach. The expert team at Inaya is here to help you choose beautiful, personal gifts with our “6 Tips to Buying a Memorable Valentine’s Day Gift”:


1. Consider are they “bigger is better” or “the best things come in small packages”

Are you shopping for someone who is the life of the party, who always shines bright and is“The Commander”? Or is it someone quieter who cherishes one-on-one time, likes the little things in life and is“The Mediator”?  When it comes to jewelry or any gift, “size” is your first question: Big or small? 


  • 2. Ask yourself what is your favorite part of their face?

  • Not your usual question, but in the past, you’ve asked ”What’s their favorite color?” Instead, find what you love about someone’s face – their eyes, their smile, or even their hair. Then look for a dress or gemstones that complement and accentuate what you love most about them.

  • 3. Become the God of small things

  • Some say that life is best lived in the details of single moments. Inspire your gift through your observation of the moments you share. The flavor of their favorite tea or their favorite sweater can inspire scented bath soaps or turquoise jewelry. Then when you go to write the card, it’ll write itself.


  • 4. Look for the music that makes them dance

  • Music is a inspiration igniter. Are they singing along to Adele? Then consider a sophisticated, soulful gift like aruby necklace. Are they jamming to Rihanna? Then why not something playful likegreen onyx earrings. Let the music that moves them inspire your gift.


  • 5. Be the best part of a magic trick

  • Be that moment of utter surprise and awe. Perhaps you take them on an impromptu trip to explore a nearby town? Do you blindfold them and lead them to their favorite store? Do you plan a surprise brunch with their friends? Let your imagination create a moment of surprise.


  • 6. Make your story inspire the gift

  • The memories associated and the meaning behind a gift make the gift matter more. You may give them an artistic picture ofChamps-Élysées because your first trip abroad together was Paris. Or do you give them cooking classes because they’ve recently been getting into baking desserts. Remember gifts can have stories and meaning; all waiting for you to share.

    And of course, just like chocolate, love comes in all kinds of packages. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to honor all the loves of your life – your spouse or partner, your children, your most cherished friends, and especially yourself.

    Anyuta Zelikson
    Anyuta Zelikson

    1 Response

    Derek Dewitt
    Derek Dewitt

    May 10, 2021

    I want to get my wife some new jewelry for Christmas this year, so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about finding jewelry that compliments the best parts of their face. I’ll definitely think about getting a piece that brings out the color in her eyes.

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