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by Anyuta Zelikson July 26, 2021

More and more often these days,  I wear jewelry not just to dress up my outfit but with a distinct purpose in mind: to give my day a little boost of positivity wearing jewelry with particular healing properties. Healing gemstones are at the very heart of the jewelry we make, and their power has been used for centuries for everything, from Reiki healing to even creating technology.

Usually, I would first pick out what I will wear and then accessorize it with the right pieces – after all – the right jewelry makes any outfit stand out. But these days, I would first pick a stone and then complement it with what it needs.

For example, today I’m working on a new collection, so it is a Carnelian kind of a day. This gemstone enhances creativity, among other excellent healing qualities. Carnelian is gently warming and exceedingly stabilizing.


 -Releases stress and trauma 
-Enhances creativity
 -Repairs subtle bodies

     Explore our Carnelian Collection here

    On the days when we feel a bit stiff - Spinel is our go-to gem! It brings more energy to the body and detoxifies it from sluggishness. The stone was traditionally worn as a charm for good luck and to inspire noble thoughts.


    -Acts as a spur to decisive action
    -Focuses healing energy at the areas of the body that require attention – particularly effective at transferring healing deep into body tissues
    -Loosens stiff muscles

     Explore our Spinel Collection here

    On the days when your mind runs 1000 miles per hour, Onyx helps to calm everything down. When we need to step back and look objectively at our situation in life, Onyx is ideal for this as it can help reveal all viewpoints, all polarities, and all apparent conflicts.


    -Has a calming effect, which can be used to balance excitability and a quick temper
    -Quiets powerful emotional states
     -Reveals underlying causes of situations 

      Explore our Onyx Collection here

      To calm emotions on a crazy New York day, there is nothing like the beautiful purple of Amethyst – a perfect all-around healer gem favored by royalty throughout the ages. Amethyst is known to moderate unruly behavior and to encourage clarity of mind.

      - Helps to maintain equilibrium in all situations 

      - Encourages self-control 

      - Calms harsh emotions and brings stability 

      - Aids sleep and meditation 

      Explore our Amethyst Collection here

      On days of extreme stress - Pearls help as nothing else can. Valued from time immemorial, pearls relate in particular to the flow of emotions, intuition, and the power of the moon.


      - Encourages flow and change 

      - Reduces worry, anxiety, and frustration

      - Regulates glandular function 

      - Help us to focus on the core of the self and understand who we are and who we are not

      Explore our Pearl Collection here

      Before an important meeting, we drape ourselves in Ruby- the stone of vitality and success, known to confer wealth and power, long life, and health.


      - Repairs relationships with other people 

      - Balances the heart, both subtly and physically 

      - Helps to create feelings of confidence, security, enthusiasm, and self-esteem 

      - Comforts and steadies

      Explore our Ruby Collection here

      We hope these gemstones will bring a flow of needed energy to you and truly better your days!
      What gemstones do you like wearing?
      Anyuta Zelikson
      Anyuta Zelikson

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